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Pictures Of HTC’s Next Flagship “Hima” Leak

Since the launch of HTC’s flagship, HTC One, HTC has been gaining ground in the smartphone market. HTC’s previous smartphones were called HTC One (M7/M8). And as is with every new year, one would expect that the smartphone manufacturers will keep the naming convention somewhat numbered. We were expecting that the latest smartphone from HTC would be called the M9, but it seems that this is not the case. HTC is rumored to be going with a different name. It is being called the “Hima.”

While this is to be seen and confirmed by HTC, you can, in the meantime, look at the supposedly leaked pictures of the HTC “Hima” Android smartphone. HTC is expected to adhere to its previous metal builds, which made the HTC One (M7 & M8) wildly popular. These leaked pictures corroborate the metal build and big display on the front that we’re conversant with already.

HTC’s Duo Camera is visible on the backside in the leaks. We had heard rumors that HTC was ditching this in favor of a 20.7 MP camera setup. We believe either one of the following to be true – 1) the rumors are not true, or 2) these leaked snapshots are not of HTC’s next flagship smartphone.

HTC Hima Rumored Specifications

  1. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 Processor
  2. Quad HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) Display
  3. 2,560 × 1,440 Pixel Resolution
  4. 3 GB RAM
  5. 20.7 MP Primary Camera
  6. 13 MP Secondary Camera
  7. 2,840 mAh battery
  8. Android 5.0 (L) Lollipop

The rumor mill is abuzz with the news that HTC is going to unveil its next flagship before the initial launch date. CES 2015 is expected to be the venue of the launch. CES 2015 is only a few days away, and we’re going to find out soon what HTC has in store for us.


We’re eagerly waiting to get our hands on the HTC “Hima” Android smartphone for further reviews. We would recommend that our users buy the Micromax YU branded Yureka instead when it is launched and not to go for the HTC “Hima” Android smartphone. We would also be posting various tutorials with regards to smartphone and other electronic gadgets and also on how to customize your Android/Windows/iOS smartphones.

Do you think that HTC releasing the “Hima” Android smartphone will shake up the mobile market in India? How would you rate the HTC “Hima” Android smartphone? Would you want to switch to the HTC “Hima” Android smartphone? What software updates would you like to see in the HTC “Hima” Android smartphone? What tutorials would you like to see for the HTC “Hima” Android smartphone?

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