Sunday, February 1, 2015

Office 2016 To Be Launched Later This Year By Microsoft

Microsoft announced Windows 10 these past few days with a bucket-load of energizing and stimulating features, but the company isn't finished yet. Microsoft has also announced that its next version of Microsoft Office, it’s suite of office productivity applications (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), aptly being named “Office 2016.”

Microsoft has been internally testing the latest version of MS Office or Microsoft Office with a few of its distinguished partners. Many images leaked late last year suggesting that the new release would not change the tried and trusted in terms of design aesthetics, but customers would be able to see new and updated features and overall improvements.

Microsoft has said that it will share more on Office 2016 productivity suite of office applications in the forthcoming months. This statement confirms the company’s previous promise of launching new applications in the later-part of 2015. This incidentally coincides with the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, which is also expected to be launched at about the same time.

Although Microsoft has not publicly shown off its new Office 2016 productivity suite of office applications, the company did unveil touch-friendly Office applications for Windows and Android. These applications would be made available on Windows 10 desktops / notebooks / smartphones / tablets. Microsoft has shared some images of its Office touch applications for Windows 10. From the images, users will be able to see how these touch-friendly Office applications will look on smartphones and/or tablets and other devices with bigger displays or screens.

Image: Neowin

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