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I have been blogging for quite some time now and have been considering many things to make by blog worthwhile for new and existing readers alike. One of those things is my official comment policy.

As the author of this blog, I encourage my readers to comment my blog article(s) and/or post(s). I just love it when people comment and take time out of their busy schedule to spend time on my blog to share their ideas and provide their insightful feedback.

All your viewpoints are heartily welcome, but I would request that you maintain the following decorum with respect to yourself and your outlook towards others.

  1. I request while commenting on my blog articles that you should, at least, be constructive in your comments with regards to the context of the article or the subject for which you are providing your comment(s).
  2. Though I am willing to forego proper grammar and sentence formation errors, as many people around the world may not have their basics right, any kind of SPAM or Phishing comments on my article(s) and/or post(s) will not be tolerated and will be deleted without any thought whatsoever.
  3. I am also not going to tolerate any kind of SPAM or Phishing links that you want to submit and they will be deleted without any thought whatsoever.
  4. I will be reading and making any and all editorial changes as requires for the necessary publishing of the submitted comments, so as to maintain the sanctity of the blog article(s) and/or post(s), but this does not include editing the comment to suite my needs.
  5. All comments on my article(s) and/or post(s) are always moderated, so you will have to be patient to see your comments published on my blog post and/or article.
  6. I would be reviewing the article(s) and/or post(s) comments and would be publishing them as quickly as I am able to.

I wholeheartedly thank everyone who come and make comments on my blog. However, I would also want my readers to comment usefully for all of my readers to benefit and engage in a meaningful dialog with each other.



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